We're still in beta, but we'll be available to the world soon!


A better way to collect feedback.


Create and share your roadmap with your users, prioritize feedback and communicate your big picture.


We work with the tools you already use, like Trello and Github.

Project Privacy

Restrict who can see your feedback site, and who can leave feedback.


Communication is key, talk with your users to narrow down exactly what they need.

Internal Discussions

Talk with your team in private about any feedback, before communicating with your users.


Sort your feedback by what's most requested. Letting your users vote on things they need.

Custom Statuses

One size doesn't always fits all, which is why customisation is supported!

Email Alerts

Let your users subscribe to cards to keep them in the loop. From status changes, to discussions.


keep a public changelog to keep your users in the loop on what's happening at your HQ.


Merge cards into others to prevent duplication and to centralise the discussion.

Lock Activity

Lock cards when discussions are no longer constructive, or when things get a little heated.


Draw your team or user's attention to a post or comment by mentioning them.


Keep private notes for you and your team. Useful for private information or contextual information for later.


Almost every piece of activity can be sent as a webhook to anywhere you specify. Allowing you to bake Ottercamp into your products.

Meta Data

Store private, sensitive or contextual data for any user. Becomes a power-up when combined with segmentation!


Filter and search cards by any custom meta data you store for your users.

Spam Protection

Spam detection and prevention on all comments and cards, keeping it clean and productive.

User Management

Allow your users to login with their own account on your product. And manage them from within the dashboard.

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