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Build Better Products.

Ditch the kanban boards, ditch the email chains with customers. Keep feedback in one place.

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Over 200 companies are already listening to their user's feedback


Collect feedback, build better products.

Get organised and stay that way, with one central place for feedback.


We don't just stop at letting your customers leave their feedback, we're all about discussion too!

  • Discussions

    Discuss with your customers on any piece of feedback.

  • Internal Discussions

    Chat with your team internally on any piece of feedback.


Decide what needs to be worked on, don't waste time building the wrong things.

  • Tags

    Attach tags to feedback so you can filter down what's priority and what's not.

  • Segmentation

    Segment your users by any extra data you want to add. Have paying customers? Segment feedback by that.


Don't just stop there, keep your users engaged and in the loop.

  • Email Alerts

    Subscribe to feedback and receive emails when new changes are made.

  • Roadmap

    Build up your roadmap to keep customers in the loop on your planned changes!

  • Releases

    When you release a new feature, write about it in your changelogs!

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